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Mani Festo loads up a ravey mix for Newtype Rhythms

Newtype Rhythms returns with a packed episode of high-energy decadence, with this week’s guest mix coming from UK rave specialist Mani Festo.

Between releasing for the likes of Beat Machine, Rupture London, Swamp 81 and the indelible Warehouse Rave imprints, he also co-runs the Club Glow label alongside powerhouse peers such as Borai, Denham Audio and LMajor (who get bountiful attention in this episode) – highlighting the sounds of raves long-gone whilst carrying the torch for a sonic legacy that’s going strong almost three decades later.

With his latest release on E-Beamz, Mani Festo flexes his production muscles by channeling his trademark rave intangibles with tracks that take forms within the sonic realms of electro and techno, and does it masterfully.

Mani Festo has a knack for finding ways to surprise you after each listen, and he does the same with this kinetic mix for our sister series. Be prepared for a mix full of modern-era rave gems, dubs and surprises. His mix starts at 46 minutes in, with resident Sheepshead setting the tempo per usual.


00:00 – 46:20 – Mixed by Sheepshead

1. Lumiere – Lupus (Part A)
2. ThugWidow – Kindred Spirits On The Dancefloor
3. Sharda – Memory
4. Galtier – Scuffed Souls
5. Train To Eltanin – Bambam
6. Walton – Debris
7. Coco Bryce – Smoke Screen
9. Denham Audio – Top Buzz
10. Zomby – We Got The Sound
11. Luke Vibert – Bass Kick
12. Otik – Seasonal FX
13. Cool Tiger – Hide & Seek (AQXDM Remix)

46:36 – END – Mixed by Mani Festo

1. Sonic – Prince of Cambridge (Sneaker Social Club)
2. Pearson Sound – Cobwebs (Hessle Audio)
3. Local Group – Fresh Rhythm (Human Concrete Block)
4. Tim Reaper – Sequence 2 (Lobster Theremin)
5. LMajor – Hallucinations (Dub)
6. Tommy Holohan – Father (Haven)
7. Denham Audio – Rubadub (Sneaker Social Club)
8. Fiesta Soundsystem – The Spiral (Time is Now)
9. San – Half In (RUA Sound)
10. Pessimist – No Fxxxing Soul (Ilian Tape)
11. Kessler – Prisoner (Dub)
12. Interplanetary Criminal – Everything Is Getting Dark (Ruffset Records)
13. Arcane feat. Samurai Breaks – Planet X (RUA Sound)
14. Mani Festo – Full Circle (E-Beamz)
15. Coco Bryce – Raptured (Rupture)
16. Sully – Swandive (Astrophonica)
17. Mani Festo – ? (Dub)
18. Sully – Memories (Astrophonica)