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Kelly Moran & Prurient line up ‘Chain Reaction At Dusk’ LP on Hospital Productions

Kelly Moran and Hospital Productions label boss Dominick Fernow aka Prurient have announced the release of a split album named ‘Chain Reaction At Dusk‘.

Originally produced for their tour with Japanese artist Merzbow, the album features two tracks from Prurient and three from Moran, which were composed in 2018, the same year she released her ‘Ultraviolet‘ LP on Warp Records.

Composed at Guy Brewer’s former Berlin studio, “Dominick Fernow aka Prurient accessed a cache of pristine analog synthesizers and sequencers while finishing the process with Kris Lapke in New York with layers of crude telephone dictation manipulation, resulting in surrealist vocal cut-ups – and ‘exquisite corpse’ static.”

‘Chain Reaction At Dusk’ is scheduled for release 4 December via Hospital Productions. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1.  Kelly Moran – Red Storm
2. Kelly Moran – Helix III
3. Kelly Moran – Hymn
4. Prurient – Tokyo Exorcist
5. Prurient – Help If I May Ask