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Ivy Barkakati

These days, the path to becoming recognised within electronic music seems to be a fairly stereotypical one, very closely related to a combination of sheer luck
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Ninos Du Brasil: Vida Eterna

Ninos Du Brasil show us another side to the tropics, a darker, more claustrophobic and chaotic landscape where the visceral fight for survival is a daily reality. Vida Eterna feels as though it takes place on the rainforest floor, in a dark and dank place full of the menace of the wild.

Shifted: Appropriation Stories

Appropriation Stories is one of the top Shifted works to date – providing everything fans and new listeners could want out of a techno album, while not trying to vacillate between the dancefloor and a headphone listen. It has terrific balance, exudes confidence and packs a mean punch with silk sheets surrounding it.