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Shifted readies ‘Appropriation Stories’ LP for Hospital Productions

Following his 2013 album “Under A Single Banner“, Avian co-founder Guy Brewer aka Shifted has unveiled details for his third album “Appropriation Stories”, scheduled for release 18th October 2016 on Dominick Fernow’s (aka Prurient/Vatican Shadow) Hospital Productions.

Shifted represents an evolution in Guy Brewer’s path as an artist: Berlin is the cradle for a the shift from his previous drum and bass endeavours as Commix alongside George Levings and Conrad Whittle, to his exploration of techno, noise and experimental electronics under his various monikers.


‘Appropriation Stories’ endows Shifted’s multiple personality; his sound exploration is multi-layered, oscillating between 4/4 hissing consciousness and granulated noisy unconsciousness.

Appropriation Stories is released via Hospital Productions on 18th October 2016. 


1. This Passage
2. Vacive
3. Flatlands
4. Life Backwards
5. Resin & Lacquer
6. Watchers
7. For Closure
8. In Respect Of Tactics
9. Spires
10. The Faintest Trace, The Quietest Whisper

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