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Premiere: Organchrist – Unauthorised Public Performance

Bristol-based imprint Tutamen have operated a tight ship over the years, with a strictly underground approach married with DIY aesthetics — the announcement of their next cassette, ‘Skepasti‘, from local talent Organchrist, shows they’ve got no intention of slowing down.

Recorded directly to tape from Organchrist’s minimal hardware setup, the EP delivers four threadbare and scouring techno cuts, served neat with no chaser. Pacing out over 8 roughly eight minutes apiece, each track grows and reforms multiple times, never losing it’s cutting edge.

Unauthorised Public Performance‘ is perhaps the most damaging: kicking off the B-side at a clip, the track’s kickdrums fold and layer into a hyper-tense mesh of sound. Scuzzed percussion clatters at the sides as harrowing blasts of distortion almost overcome the relentless closing minutes.

‘Skepasti’ is scheduled for release 22 October via Tutamen. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. As I Crossed A Bridge Of Dreams
2. Dust On The Oscillator
3. Unauthorised Public Performance
4. Flood