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Manuela Benetton announces new concerts w/ The Speaker, Charlemagne Palestine, Ellen Fullman and more

Following the success of last year’s Church series, the event’s curator and producer Manuela Benetton announced three new concerts to take place on September, October and November at Elizabethkirche, Sophienkirche as well as the majestic Villa Elisabeth in Berlin.

The event series – inaugurated last year – featured some of the most respected producers of the last century such as minimalist composer Terry Riley, a rare appearance of Marginal Consort, avant-garde pioneers Nurse With Wound and the debut of Merzbow, Keiji Haino and Balász Pándi’s live performance as a preview of the Milan-based festival Saturnalia.

On September 16th the new collaboration between noise-techno artist Pan Daijing, PAN affiliate Valerio Tricoli and the improv musician and composer Werner Dafeldecker, will be premiered at Elizabethkirche. The Speaker is “an innovative sound-theatre piece for an actress (Pan Daijing), customized speakers and live electronics (by Werner Dafeldecker and Valerio Tricoli).” Acoustic veteran producer Beatriz Ferreyra will also play a selection of her works to open the night.

On October 7th Ellen Fullman will present the output of four days spent at Villa Elisabeth to prepare a recital of the Long String Instrument, her well-known and completely unique 70-foot (21-meter) customized string instrument, tuned in just intonation and played with rosin-coated fingers. On the same night she will perform her duo with PAN‘s Konrad Sprenger. on a computer-controlled multichannel electric guitar.

Closing the series on November 14th, the eclectic and experimental composer Charlemagne Palestine – known for creating intense and ritualistic music for a large array of instruments – will play on the massive organ of Sophienkirche, preceded by the performer Stine Janvin who employs her voice to imitate multi-layered synthesizer sequences, tricking perception and generating unnatural aural soundscapes.

SEPTEMBER 16TH – The Speaker (Valerio Tricoli, Pan Daijing and Werner Dafeldecker) at Elizabethkirche

OCTOBER 7TH – Ellen Fullman at Villa Elisabeth

NOVEMBER 14TH – Charlemagne Palestine, Stine Janvin at Sophienkirche

  • Info and tickets TBA