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Premiere: Lusine – Chatter (Dauwd Remix)

Earlier this year was released the fifth full-length effort of Texas-born, now Seattle-relocated producer Jeff McIlwain aka Lusine on Brooklyn’s finest Ghostly International. Made of the same porcelain-fragile amalgams of incredibly fine textures and vibrant organic soundscapes, the album was conceived as an exploration of “the intersection between the brain’s perceptions and the body’s actions“, offering one of these immersive audio moments only McIlwain knows to provide.

Back with a special two-track remix EP featuring Kompakt protégé Dauwd and Vancouver-based ambient genius Loscil, the US label offers two distinct reinterpretations of Lusine’s mind-expanding sound universe. Our pick, Dauwd’s revisitation of the Bibio’esque ‘Chatter‘ – preserves the original’s bouncy curves whilst rigging a proper shuffling engine under its hood, built for hedonistic after-hour lounging and laid-back dancing. Fans of Pantha Du Prince and Efdemin, this one’s for you.

Sensorimotor Remixes is released on 15th September, order a copy from Ghostly International.


1. Lusine – Chatter (Dauwd Remix)
2. Lusine – Tropopause (Loscil Remix)

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