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Martyn lines up ‘Voids’ LP for Ostgut Ton

Martyn has announced the release of a new album, marking his first for legendary imprint Ostgut Ton. Due out in June, ‘Voids’ is a nine-track effort inspired by an intense period of personal transformation for the Dutch-born producer and DJ, following a near-fatal medical emergency last year that compelled him to reassess the elements that drove him to make music in the first place.

In contrast to earlier records, ‘Voids‘ features no guest appearances or collaborations and at nine tracks, it is “musically stripped down to the essentials.” It is said to be a “highly personal take on trauma and loss that forges new paths forward in genres where the Berghain / Panorama Bar resident has long been known for his production wizardry and innovation: post-dubstep, break-laden hybrids and UK garage.

Martyn is also departing on a small European tour and will be making appearance in Berlin, Paris, London, Oslo and Basel.

‘Voids’ is scheduled for release 22nd June 2018 via Ostgut Ton.


A1. Voids One
A2. Manchester
A3. Mind Rain
B1. Nya
B2. Why
C1. Try To Love You
C2. Cutting Tone
D1. World Gate
D2. Voids Two

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