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Premiere: A HAND – Slow Injection

Hailing from Turin, the Italian city of esotericism, Details Sound was founded in 2013 by Giuseppe Magistro and Matteo Fabbri aiming to take the inner world of neo-tribal practices to new frontiers through limited edition releases of electronic sound experiments from the likes of Klankman and Black Seed. Four years since the release of his mini LP ‘Informations‘, label co-founder A HAND returns with an obscure four tracker ‘Slow Injection‘, scheduled for release late April.

Our pick ‘Slow Injection‘ perfectly embodies the dark tinged mood of the release: a spellbinding downbeat techno baseline languidly gains density while tickling your spine; evanescent echoes and spiralling synths caress the poisonous melodic crescendo, dragging you deep into a red-tinged elusive world of transparent witches and millenary lost souls. Abracadabra!

Slow Injection is released via Details Sound 30th April 2018. 


A1. Breakline
A2. For A Better End
B1. Slow Injection
B2. Your Lost Dreams

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