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ESP Institute line up releases from Sonns & Tavish, Greenvision and Cleveland in May

Fresh off a “private and introverted” full-length delivery from Swiss producer Ripperton and solid second offering from REKIDS affiliate Toby Tobias, LA-based imprint ESP Institute announced an extra-busy schedule for May with no less than three EPs to be released in just a couple weeks.

First due to grace the grooves of Andy Hogge’s ever tastefully curated label, local producers Sonns (real name Alexandre Mouracade) and mysterious Venice Beach native Tavish Graham team up on the laser-guided ‘Trycksaker‘ – serving up a pair of disco-flavoured 4/4 epics tinged with a pinch of 303-germinated bass and old-school breakbeat, tailored for downright crowd-entrancing peaktime moments and large-scale summer partying. This one lacks no oomph.

Next one comes courtesy of two producers well-known of the ESP Institute enthusiasts, in the persons of Juan Ramos and Luca Trentini aka Trent, here returning under their Greenvision moniker after a debut EP on Cocktail D’Amore last year. ‘Rambutan‘ puts on offer “three intense cerebral workouts” labelled by the label as “disorienting, cacophonous, introverted and psychedelic, but at the same time playful, melodic, euphoric and undoubtably arresting – guaranteed to induce hallucinations under proper circumstances“.

Last but not least, Brussels-based expert vibist Andrea Mancini alias Cleveland steps up with his second outing on Hogge’s imprint after last year’s ‘Kyoto‘. Dishing out a pair of metronomic groovers “fashioned through muted analogue instrumentation that paints a deceptively organic picture“, Mancini is found digging “further into mysticism, manifesting digital jungle themes, cleverly abstracted through erratic bleeps, distant tribal drums, atonal flutters and synthetic bird calls“.

Trycksaker, Rambutan and Tusk / Aku are respectively released via ESP Institute on 27th April, 11th May and 25th May. Pre-order a copy from Juno here, here or here.


Sonns & Tavish – Trycksaker

A1. Trycksaker
B1. Roguish Days

Greenvision – Rambutan

A1. Banana Paradiso
B1. Rambutan
B2. The Color Of Maracuja

Cleveland – Tusk / Aku

A1. Tusk
B1. Aku

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