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Meemo Comma announces ‘Loverboy’ LP on Planet Mu

Objects Limited founder Lara Rix-Martin returns as Meemo Comma in February with the release of ‘Loverboy‘, marking her third album on Planet Mu.

Steeped in 90’s rave nostalgia and adorned with Gameboy styled artwork, ‘Loverboy‘ is said to be “a shift in gear from Meemo Comma’s previous works, speeding up the tempos and rhythms.”

Spanning 13 tracks, ‘Loverboy’ is a journey through the producers heady days attending raves, with tracks such as ‘Cloudscape‘ giving a solid gun finger salute towards the output of Orbital’s euphoric tracks ‘Belfast‘ and ‘Halcyon On and On‘.

Loverboy is scheduled for release 24 February via Planet Mu. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Cloudscape
2. Loneheath
3. Bit Of A Boy
4. Whitehawk
5. Ignite
6. Kyle
7. AK47
8. Loverboy
9. The Rush
10. Crisis
11. Andro
12. EX-P1
13. Bubble Bag