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Tim Hecker lines up ‘No Highs’ on Kranky

Following the release of ‘Anoyo‘ in 2019, Canadian composer and sound artist Tim Hecker returns to Kranky in April to release his seventh album on the Chicago-based label.

No Highs‘ is said to serve “as a beacon of unease against the deluge of false positive corporate ambient currently in vogue.” However you interpret this, Hecker’s forthcoming album expresses eleven emotive compositions exploring his usual textural amalgam of modern classical, ambient and noise. Highlights from the album include ‘Total Garbage‘, ‘Lotus Light‘ and ‘Living Spa Water‘.

‘No Highs’ is scheduled for release on 7 April via Kranky. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Monotony
2. Glissalia
3. Total Garbage
4. Lotus Light
5. Winter Cop
6. In Your Mind
7. Monotony II
8. Pulse Depression
9. Anxiety
10. Sense Suppression
11. Living Spa Water