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Metrist to release ‘This Is For Sore Is Just There’ on Black Opal

Opal Tapes‘ murky sub label Black Opal present their next 12″. Having played host to Xosar, Sciahri and Dukwa and Herva under their Life’s Track guise they ready their next which comes from Brighton based Metrist.

This Is For Sore Is Just There‘ is a burly and uncompromising 6-tracker packed with tongue-in-cheek titles, fizzing percussion and cold, pensive atmospheres. Bold in its approach, 005 in the Black Opal series adds to an experimental release catalogue as the Newcastle based label continues to bend its frontiers.

‘This Is For Sore Is Just There’ is released via Black Opal  on 15th April 2016. 


1. Petrol Arses
2. Sometimes Rubix Cubes
3. Shit Patches
4. Sundried Man
5. Knights of the Templar, Here Comes Neil
6. That Prick I Hate

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