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Michael Claus preps ‘Dark Forest’ with remixes from Lara Sarkissian & Force Placement

San Francisco-based artist Michael Claus, known for his lush, deep house cassettes on 100% Silk, embraces darker electronics on his latest release. The 12-inch is being put out by Claus’ own Silva Electronics imprint.

The title track deftly navigates a dystopian noir aesthetic that “dives headfirst into the realm of breakbeats, heavy synth lines, and distortion.” Along with the other original song, ‘Paranoia‘, the EP features remixes from Lara Sarkissian and Force Placement. The latter’s rework of the B-side heads down a further cavernous, bleak worm hole that’s equal parts drum and bass rework and avant-noise excursion.

‘Dark Forest’ is scheduled for release on July 7 via Silva Electronics. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Dark Forest
2. Dark Forest (Lara Sarkissian Remix)
3. Paranoia
4. Paranoia (Force Placement Remix)