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Miracles – Game Over (feat. Ms. Boogie)

It’s about time to walk over to the arcade and get your coins ready; as LA-based producer Miracles rounds off his 2019 with the stellar ‘Memory Ha’ EP on Brooklyn’s very own 48K label.

Evolving over the last few years into a behemoth of icy sonics and rhythmic density, the up-and-comer shines with a four-tracker that’s imaginative, inventive and irradiant. Inspired by the worlds he would delve into whilst playing video games, Miracles one-ups himself immensely with “Game Over” – a churner of a tune featuring the indelible talents of Brooklyn emcee Ms. Boogie.

The vocals from Ms. Boogie are intoxication; demanding attention with each evocative tonal shift – buoyed by a masterclass of narrative production by Miracles in the form of crisp synth lines and perfectly-paced percussion. By the time the track is over, it’s hard to process what emotions come over you, but when the initial reaction is to play it back again — you know that you’ve just heard something next-level. Seems appropriate, considering the inspiration.

‘Memory Ha’ is scheduled for release 15 November 2019. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Memory Ha
2. Creepy Touch
3. Game Over (feat. Ms. Boogie)
4. Fascination

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