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Premiere: Worldwide Zen – A2

Initially known for his sly collages of shuffling Chicagoan rhythms and endearingly lush tropical ambiences on Antinote, Nicolas Molina aka Geena has sought and succeeded in evolving and reinventing himself as Worldwide Zen. Nearly one year after the drop of his debut LP, ‘Swimmers In Circle‘, issued via his dedicated / self-titled label, WW Zen strikes again with ‘Earlier Heaven‘ – a new four-track piece of otherworldly beauty, equipped to live up to our uncertain future with equal poise.

A deep and heavily dubbed-out affair, ‘Earlier Heaven‘ finds Molina doing what he does best, i.e. setting up cozy imaginary scenarios for your mind to frolick in back and forth. So does our premiere, the vividly hued and just as masterly designed ‘A2‘, taking us for a relaxing jaunt across some utopian metropolis’ glassy canopy on board some tomorrow-ready hi-tech overcraft. While some prefer to harness today’s reality through steely-cold doom and gloom, WW Zen has chosen his side, and he clearly stands the ground for a more optimistic and desirable paradigm.

Earlier Heaven is released via Worldwide Zen in November, pre-order a copy from Chez Emile Records.


A1. Untitled A1
A2. Untitled A2
B1. Untitled B1
B2. Untitled B2

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