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Premiere: Vitorijoski – The Voice Of Bárbaros

In over four years of steadfast dancefloor activism, Glasgow’s Invisible Inc. has built a solid reputation amongst DJs, providing top-shelf selectors like Andrew Weatherall, Ivan Smagghe, Cosmo Vitelli, Bufi, Identified Patient and more with bespoke secret weaponry, tailored to 404 the hell out of song finding apps and keep the dancers on the hunt for the track that blasted their pants off the night before. A MI9-worthy hub for world-infused club melters and trippy grooves.

And as a bit of “fan service” doesn’t hurt, Invisible Inc. have decided to gather some of their best-selling jams of the past year on a single platter. Here comes ‘Dancefloor Detonators vol.1‘, a four-track EP featuring Dutch talent Cantillate, Slovenian hoodooist Vitorijoski, Glaswegian up-and-comer Krokakai and label main operator Gordon MacKinnon under his Tarantinian moniker, The Mamba.

Streaming over our channels now, Vitorijoski’s intercontinental merger ‘The Voice Of Bárbaros‘ brings together elements of traditional Eastern music, smokey opium den vibes and slo-churning darbukkahs straight out the kasbah’s pulsating heart. Making wise use of an understated FX palette and chiselled envelopes, the Ljubljana-based producer invites us on a sense-awakening, Arabian Nights-y journey, as phantasmally immersive as it is enjoyably dynamic. Choice stuff.

Dancefloor Detonators Vol.1 is out now via Invisible Inc., order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Krokakai – Bodhrán Beat
A2. Vitorijoski – The Voice Of Bárbaros
B1. The Mamba – Trails
B2. Cantillate – Dust To Dust

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