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Premiere: EYE – Sanatorium

Third time’s a charm, as the saying goes. That said, such assertion most certainly applies to the whole back catalogue of Swiss-born, France-based artist Laurène Exposito, alias EYE. Following a number of issuings through her own label, Waving Hands, and two incursions on Knekelhuis, EYE returns to the Amsterdam label with ‘Metamujer‘ – the followup to her 2016-released debut album, ‘Sabine‘.

Once again smoothly skippering us onto the outskirts of sensuous synthwave and dreamy, off-kilter electronics, Exposito presents an eight-track “ode to salty love and closeness to nature“, recorded in the course of her journeys from the verdant mountainscapes of the Swiss Alps to the rugged oceanic belt of Brittany.

Premiereing through our channels today, ‘Sanatorium‘ is a lavish tableau of synth-y escapism. Think Clara Mondshine and Lena Platonos sailing off to the Cyclades on a sunny day, seagulls singing and the quiet swash of the waves lulling us into a state of organic symbiosis with the all-blue world around. Packed with her ever subtle touch for shimmering harmonics and gently occult use of the MS-10 field-depth, ‘Metamujer‘ sets a new high in EYE’s ever richly coloured body of work.

Metamujer is out now via Knekelhuis, order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Acqua Vera
A2. Luscinia
A3. To Anima
A4. Mirador
B1. Sanatorium
B2. Valentina
B3. Non Siamo
B4. Time To Display

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