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Listen back to Inverted Audio on Netil Radio with Freddie Hudson & Rebecca Salvadori

For the second edition of our monthly broadcast on Netil Radio, we invited London-based filmmaker and video artist Rebecca Salvadori into the station to share insight into her upcoming film about Under The Desert Stars – a one-off techno and ambient music festival presented by ISOTOOP and Tikita Records, which took place at the tail end of September deep within the Moroccan desert.

The two-hour show kicks off with an hour of soothing autumnal ambient music from the likes of Memmo Comma, Teebs and OCA, all of whom release — or have just released — exceptional ambient records this month. Rebecca Salvadori then shares insight into her film projects (including Inside Fold). She also discusses her hyper-experimental event series Tutto Questo Sentire, which Inverted Audio has supported since 2016.

The pace then quickens, striding through recent Northern Electronics and a forthcoming tool by DJ Nobu to reach Schacke’s pace of 145bpm. Other highlights include a weapon from Luke Slater, taken from his brand new Planetary Assault Systems album ‘Plantae’ out now on Ostgut Ton, plus the lead track from Giant Swan’s debut album (out on Friday 11th), plus a highlight from the next one on RAMZi’s Fati Records.

Inverted Audio returns to Netil Radio on 1 December 2019 (16:00 – 18:00 GMT). 


1. Huerco S – A Sea of Love [Proibito]
2. Teebs – Atoms Song (feat. Thomas Stankiewicz) [Brainfeeder]
3. Memmo Comma – Anglewood [Planet Mu]
4. OCA – Stretching in Water [Metron]
5. OCA – I am Strong, I am at Peace [Metron]
6. June 11 – Who is Still Dreaming [Stroom]
7. Fatima Al Qadiri – Boys in the Mirror [OTS]
8. Shorelights – Side A [Astral Industries]
9. Rebecca Salvadori & Leah Walker – Footage[unreleased]
10. Mark Fell & Sandro Mussida – Object Relations#1 [Boomkat]
11. Coby Sey, John Colpitts, Olivia Salvadori – An Invisible Ode [unreleased]
12. HTRK – You Know How to Make Me Happy [Ghostly International]
13. Stenny – Cursed [Ilian Tape]
14. Sim Hutchins – (Can’t) Find Love in the Club [Local Action]
15. Boreal Massif – Weather in August [Pessimist Productions]
16. Alan Backdrop – Lain [Harmony]
17. Dj Nobu – Ichimaru [Bitta]
18. Evigt Morker – Oandlig Kedja [Northern Electronics]
19. Planetary Assault Systems – Peru Drift [Ostgut-Ton]
20. Duncan MacDonald – Not Everyone Feels the Same Way [Super Sound Tool]
21. Shacke – Make Them Remember [Kulor]
22. Giant Swan – 55 Year Old Daughter [Keck]
23. RAMZi/Multiquest – Le Nuit Ete 1991 [Fati Records]
24. Pelada – Aqui [PAN]
25. Two Shell – Heart Piece [Livity Sound]
26. Leif – Seeker [Livity Sound]

Discover more about Rebecca Salvadori on Inverted Audio.