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Baaz is a vinyl DJ and producer from Berlin who has been gaining considerable attention by House Music lovers and DJ’s. We discovered Baaz earlier this year thanks to his exceptionally deep and dubby EP he released on Barbara Preisinger’s Slices Of Life imprint.

As we were so impressed with his EP we invited Baaz to record a mix for Inverted Audio. His mix features tracks from some of our favorite producers including Claro Intelecto, Lowtec, Efdemin, Agoria, Move D, Jus Ed and Newworldaquarium. Unfortunately Baaz was not available for an interview.


1. Atlas Sound ‘Saturday Night We Went Swimming And There was A Light In The Water’
2. Claro Intelecto ‘Post Warehouse Sessions’
3. Lowtec ‘Untitled’ Workshop
4. Efdemin ‘Le Grand Voyage’
5. Soylent Green ‘After All’ Playhouse
6. Prof. Inc. ‘VTM Beos Tribute’ Boe Rec
7. Agoria ‘Kick The Peace’
8. Sascha Dive ‘The Get Out Of The Ghetto Bluse ( Fred P. Remix)’
9. Move D ‘Lush Summer Rain’
10 Yoav B ‘Temptation’
11. Glen Underground ‘Bagpipes Prof. Inc. Takes’
12. Ivano Tetelepta ‘Smoking G’
13. Jeremy ‘Rhytmus 1’
14. Newwordlaquarium ‘Traspassers’
15. Falko Brocksieper ‘Changeling’
16. Mass Prod ‘Focaccina (Jus Ed Soul Stir Mix)


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