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Our third exclusive IA MIX comes from Seattle’s finest electronic maestro Jeff Mcllwain. Jeff has been producing his visceral melodic abstract electronic music since graduating from CalArts in 1998. He studied 20th Century music and sound design for music and film. 2009 celebrates his second release under Ann Arbour’s most iconic label ‘Ghostly International’.

A Certain Distance offers the listener a dynamic shift from Lusine’s trademarked abstract less accessible tones. Ultimately it’s a much more pop-y sound and accessible album. It’s still largely abstract but warmer than his previous releases. 2004’s ‘Serial Hodgepodge‘ was essentially more clinical and un-worldly. It has its good tunes, but is for the trained audiophile. ‘A Certain Distance’ has a broader range and varied character than the latter.

This mix was recorded live from Berlin’s local haunt, the Berghain. The mix predominantly features songs from ‘A Certain Distance’ most notably ‘Double Vision’ almost a soundtrack for transition, as if you’re traveling away from the familiar bleak urban surroundings to a more tranquil landscape. Of course the highlights of the mix are the three untitled and entirely live tracks.


1. Thick Of It
2. Beware The Door
3. Untitled Live Track
4. Untitled Live Track
5. Untitled Live Track
6. Every Disguise
7. Two Dots (Reverse Engineered)
8. Double Vision
9. Rubberbands (Live mix)


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