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Christopher Rau

Our second exclusive IA MIX comes from Christopher Rau. Originally from Bavaria, his father, a trained pianist, introduced him to percussion and piano during his childhood. Christopher now lives and works in Hamburg. He’s no stranger to the deep house scene, his local hangouts include Smallville Records run by local DJ Lawrence. Chris also co-runs the Hamburg and Munich based record label Dérive Schallplatten, alongside co-owner Björnski Maximilian.

His mix showcases a beautiful example of deep house music. It lives up to its name and creates an extremely relaxed vibe. It suits every emotion, a solid deep bass line sets the path whilst a charming jazzy sample brings you down to a dreamy and elicit vibe.

Chris produces his music with a laptop, “tilmans motu” and a few controllers. His mix is mainly vinyl with a couple of tracks thrown in on CD, which we assume are his own productions. In simple terms, this mix is a great addition to anyone’s music library.


1. Christopher Rau – Tiremdasa
2. Julius Steinhoff – Something Like Wonderfull
3. Specter – Making Me Feel
4. Man Made Science – Loving People
5. Pepe Bradock – Path of Most Resistance
6. Mr. G – Low Slung
7. Rick Wade – No Place
8. Terence Parker – Your Love
9. Christopher Rau – The Green Bean
10. Our Music Is A Secret Order – Half (Anton Zap Remix)
11. STL – Lost In Brown Eyes
12. Baby Ford – Westway
13. Onur Ozer – Innervoice (Isolée Remix)
14. Classic 909 – Panther TR Dub

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