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Singing Statues

Our inaugural IA MIX comes from Singing Statues aka Ben Thomas, Jackhigh, BNJMN 141 and Rewolf. We’ve been listening to Ben’s music for a while now and this is his latest project.

Ben told us “I finally feel like I’ve settled on a name and direction”. If you have not downloaded Ben’s 5 track Untitled EP get it HERE. This mix is a reflection of Ben and ultimately what he’s listening to. Just one thing, don’t expect a wonky techno mix.

“The inspiration for the mix was to include tracks that are influencing me at the moment, I’m finding myself drawn towards eastern and ambient sounds more and more. I always look for a sense of imagery or feeling in music, for me these tracks all evoke different feelings. I find that the darkest tracks can also contain the most light, this is what I’m trying to achieve in my own music, both polar opposites.”


1. Dead Can Dance – The Carnival Is Over
2. Jocelyn Pook – Migrations
3. Singing Statues – Moon Rising
4. John Mclaughlin & Zakir Hussain – Lotus Feet
5. Susumu Yokota – Saku
6. Singing Statues – Overflows
7. Drexciya – Birth of New Life
8. Brian Eno – Dunwich Beach, Autumn, 1960