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Air Texture Volume IV

Kompakt’s ambient focused offshoot hits the magic spot with its forth offering. BNJMN and Steve Hauschildt prove to be inspired curators for this two CD extravaganza.


BNJMN discusses forthcoming EP’s plus a collaboration album coming out later this year. Ben has also created an all out experimental mix for us featuring music from Paul McCartney, Lukid, Legowelt, Kassem Mosse and many more.

Top Tracks 2013

We called upon the producers, labels and friends that we’ve worked with in the past to compile a playlist of their top tracks of 2013. Each list has been collated into a YouTube playlist for you to stream.

BNJMN: Plastic World

1. Blocks
2. Wheels In Motion
3. Tunnel Flight
4. Fire In The Hole
5. Plastic World
6. Traditions
7. See Thru Stars
8. Depressure
9. Ocean Spray
10. Miniature Steps

Singing Statues

Our inaugural IA MIX comes from Singing Statues aka Ben Thomas, Jackhigh, BNJMN 141 and Rewolf. We’ve been listening to Ben’s music for a while now
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