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Jamaica Suk announces four-part compilation Uncertain Landscape

Berlin-based producer Jamaica Suk has unveiled her most ambitious project yet – a 17-track compilation spread across four EP’s, staggered for release over the next three months via Gradient.

What is on display in ‘Uncertain Landscape‘ is a monumental vinyl package reflecting a diverse array of like-minded producers. It also marks the first outing of alternative producers, other than herself, which is a change of tact from her original plan for her record label.

Highlights include heavy hitting dance-floor destroyers from the likes of Electric Indigo, Milton Bradley, BNJMN, Insolate, Wrong Assessment, Nicolas Bougaïeff, Oliver Deutschmann, Pharaoh & Yogg and more.

To coincide with the release, Jamaica Suk will release a DJ mix featuring all 17 tracks, accompanied by a film from Anthony Vouardoux.

‘Uncertain Landscape V/A Part 01’ is scheduled for release 28 September via Gradient. Order a copy from Bandcamp.

Photo by Camille Blake


Gradient 004 : Uncertain Landscape V/A Part 01 – 28th Sept

A1. BNJMN – Abyssal Surge
A2. Arthur Kimskii – Natasha
B1. Wrong Assessment – The Eight
B2. Electric Indigo – Volcanite

Gradient 005 : Uncertain Landscape V/A Part 02 – 12th Oct

A1. Nicolas Bougaïeff – Nocturne 1
A2. Keith Carnal – Infringement
B1. Helrad – Groove Addicts
B2. Insolate – Sanchin
B2. Manuel Di Martino – Runout

Gradient 006 : Uncertain Landscape V/A Part 03- 2nd Nov

A1. Temudo – L9
A2. Ersatz Olfolks – Reflecting Surface
B1. Oliver Deutschmann – Hunting
B2. Pharaoh & Yogg – Betelguese

Gradient 007 : Uncertain Landscape V/A Part 04- 23rd Nov

A1. Milton Bradley – Driving Force
A2. Kill Ref – Subbaculta
B1. Jamaica Suk – Escape
B2. Nicolas Bougaïeff – Nocturne 3