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Four Years of Sova Audio: Jane Fitz (8-hour set) & Hanzo (visual)

Commencing at 16:00 BST on Saturday 26 September, Jane Fitz unpacks and sifts through her record collection to celebrate four years of Sova Audio with an extended 8-hour deejay set streamed online.

Sova Audio is a family-run event sound production company and immersive audio specialist based in East London with extensive empirical knowledge on the ground. For the occasion, Jane Fitz will deejay for 8-hours – “the bandwagon is about to collapse even without me jumping on it” – she told us, when we reached out to her.

In fact, the one time Jane has done a live stream was for FOLD a few months back at UNFOLD. It wasn’t an easy task, but the team behind Sova Audio managed to persuade Fitz to take part in one of their broadcasts. There was only one condition – if it’s a “monster stream”.

Sova Audio are invested in delivering unique and high-quality free content to their community, and are aiming to keep it flowing. If you feel moved to support them, you can donate via PayPal.

Photo by Tom Durston


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