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Following the release of Nochexxx‘s debut album ‘Thrusters‘ on Ramp Recordings we caught up with the elusive Cambridge based producer to discover more about his approach to creating the album and his musical heritage in general.

How’s 2014 treating you so far?

Mental relief! Having my album finally out was a massive weight off my shoulders. It got to a point where I didn’t think I could wait any longer and considered dropping it myself.

And a deepening bond with the Plastic Horse crew, I feel very lucky to work with them.

What has been happening outside of the world of music?

Oh you know, LIFE…. It eats you up!

What’s the music scene like in Cambridge? Is there anything exciting you think is worth mentioning?

Cambridge is a small town and for whatever reason freaky gigs seem to be unsustainable. There were about 8 people (5 of whom were mates) for my Bad Timing show with Container. I always loose money playing locally. A big shout out to all the people who are passionate and support local music though!

There’s a severe lack of punks running things, but I can’t blame anyone for not participating – this environment is viscous. Despite the pitfalls there’s a small handful of what I consider to be amazing artists. Chris Joynes, Pete UM, The Doozer – unique headz grinding away doing their own thing.

Your album has a very unique and personal style. What influenced you growing up musically? Is there anything in particular that you think may have been key in shaping your sound?

I feel quite sheepish about answering this question because whatever laundry list I provide, it would only serve as an injustice to the music I leave out. I will give it up for Ron Hardy as I have his poster on my wall, and he’s always there for me. The only epiphany I ever had was hearing The Flight of the Bumblebee. The Fly is me giving it up for Korsakov. Everything I consume gets called upon at some point!

When did you start producing music?

Not sure if you’d call it “producing” but I dicked about with my mates cassette deck when I was little, but that was only every so often when I could get my hands on it. Was always in bands as a teenager and electronic music came much later, using desktop computers sometime in the mid to late nineties.

What gear lurks in your studio at the moment? Is there a bit of kit you use more than others?

I’ve been getting back into using my space echo and recently getting into my Roland TR77 drum machine and Korg MS20 Vintage Synth Explorer , which I still don’t understand.

Following your releases on Werkdiscs in 2010 you’ve had a number of releases on RAMP including your album. What’s your relationship with RAMP And do you have anything planned for the future?

I first met Tom at Strawberry Fair (local free festival). It felt kind of fated as Strange Fruit came on over the PA!

I have a Record Store Day 12” EP out on RAMP entitled COURT DRAMATIX. I have mixed feelings about RSD, so I feel like I may have sold out here lol . Doesn’t RSD shaft the majority of small independents cos no one can get anything pressed?

Tell us about your mix…how did you put it together? Is there a theme?

Lakomy had been on my mind a lot, and when PLKZ sent me UNFIDELITY, his Robert Rental track was an apt fit to my mind. I find with mixes, the hardest part is deciding the first track to begin with, after that it was a case of punking it out quickly. Aside from two tracks it was mixed off vinyl.

Are there any tracks that stand out for you in this mix?

I’d like to give props to Robert Ashley. He sadly past away on a few weeks (3rd March 2014) after I made this ☹ Another hero of mine!

What does 2014 hold for Nochexxx?

I’m already thinking about the difficult second album, and am going to have a stab at making other kinds of electronic music. Need to find vinyl homes for my CHXFX alias too. More work with Plastic Horse!

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