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This week’s mix comes from Krakow’s very own Olivia – one of the DJs from the Chrono Bross and Radar collectives and an Unsound Festival favourite. Olivia’s reputation has steadily amplified over the years thanks to her idiosyncratic track selection and excellent technical skills. Through raw and dark techno, liquid acid and radiant house, her sets brim with a strong belief in the sound she delivers.

Whether it be taking her cues from future shock, science fiction or distinct sounds from Detroit or the Dutch, Olivia makes a statement each time she steps up to the decks -whether it be in an abandoned power plant in Toronto or throwing down heaters in New York, she does it her way; time and time again.

Interview by Mitch Strashnov
Photography by Kachna Baraniewicz


"You can make any part of the night special for the crowd,
even if it’s just two people on the dance floor."

When you’re about to perform, what are some of the things you always want to strive for every time you play out to a crowd?

I’m always trying to tell a story, depending on the context – where and what time I play, but I suppose the thing I’m looking for is for the audience to have a feeling this is a narrative, and once you start getting into it you juts want to hear the next track and the next. I really love playing extended sets, and I don’t mind playing warm ups either. You can make any part of the night special for the crowd, even if it’s just two people on the dance floor.

What was the first record that changed the way you thought about music?

Drexciya – Neptune’s Lair. I got into electro because of this record.

When did you start DJing and what were you playing initially when you started?

I first started DJing around 2003 with my brother, who plays under the name Kinzo Chrome. We still DJ together as Chrono Bross.

I was really into Electro Clash at first, then in time, New Wave, Electro and I started getting much more into House – Chicago and Acid House mainly, and then Techno, while my brother was pulling me into Italo and Disco Stuff. I still have a soft spot for the New Wave sound.


Olivia with her best friend Radar

Tell us about your radio show.

I do a show for OFF Radio Krakow, for the series Unsound run – “Unsound Interference”. Throughout the month, Gosia, Łukasz and I will alternate the dates, and I usually host one show a month. It’s been a bit of a challenge recently, as we all started doing more events in Kraków.

I started managing booking for the club Szpitalna 1, whilst Gosia and Łukasz are busy with 89, the club Unsound started recently. I’ve also become way more busy DJing, but I do try to make time for radio once a month. I dedicate each show to a different label, to showcase their artists and sound.

Finally, what should we expect from Olivia in 2017?

It looks like I’m going to be playing a lot more, also outside of Poland. I’m trying to focus a bit on my own productions, I have a few tracks ready for a release, so hopefully that will be happening soon.


1. December – De Monstris [Jealous God]
2. Esplendor Geometrico – Rotor [Contort Yourself]
3. Amato – Hey [Cititrax]
4. Moscow Death Disco – We Punk Ravers [Return To Disorder]
5. Chris Mitchell – Tc [Gravitational Waves]
6. Alessandro Adriani – White Swan [Mannequin Records]
7. Hesperius Draco – Lux Severitas [Frigio Records]
8. Machinegewehr – Guarding The Frontiers [Bordello A Parigi]
9. The Acid Mercenaries – A Lie [Activities Records]
10. Black Merlin – Blindfold [Boysnoize Records]
11. Murray CY- Slow Spasm [L.I.E.S]
12. The Exaltics – Endless Journey [Rave Or Die]
13. The Chicago Shags – Live By The Sword [Strange Life Records]
14. Dmitry Distant & Igors Vorobjovs – Army Of God [In The Dark Again]
15. Chris Moss Acid – Cenobite [Solar One Music]
16. Lost SoundBytes – Childs Of Nowhere [Activities Records]
17. Morah – It’s Been A Long Time [Lux Rec]

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