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Munich beat producer Packed Rich inaugurates Ilian Beat Series

The Zenker Brothers steer their mighty record label into hazed out hip-hop territories with the release of a sixteen track 12-inch from fellow Munich-based beat producer Packed Rich.

With artwork adorned with the words “Dedicated to the real meditating hustlers”, Ilian Beat Series 001 serves up a heady blend of low slung beats and MPC skills from Alexis Boettcher – “a young and gifted Munich Hustler with the ear for detail and the funk in his fingers”.

‘Ilian Beat Series 001’ is out now. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Golden
A2. Lakes
A3. Arayashi
A4. Miyanoura
A5. Umeshu
A6. Himenouta
A7. Changing Pt.1 feat. Polygonia
A8. Checkit
B1. Spirited
B2. Momo
B3. Mochi
B4. Changing Pt.2
B5. Departure
B6. Viento Febril feat. Parco Cale
B7. Fleeting
B8. Kickinit