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Premiere: Rudolf C – Sandal Acid

Craigie Knowes bring on-board top Aussie export and Salt Mines co-CEO Rudolf C for his first solo extended player on the label, a four-track whirlwind of acid electro entitled ‘Gamma!‘.

Rudolf’s been spotted on the Scottish label before, his sidewinding track ‘Crystaliser‘ appearing on the last War Child compilation last summer, but a full Craigie Knowes EP from the Berlin-based producer just seemed well overdue — after all, quality begets quality.

We’re happy to report that the material doesn’t disappoint those expectations. When compared to some of the producer’s peak-time material, ‘Sandal Acid‘ drips along at a comparatively lazy pace, but this is by no means criticism.

Still more than enough to get the blood pumping, the title track shunts itself along with a lopsided gait and heaps of groove, thanks in main to the out-there acid licks exported from a far-off planet. It may not shut down the rave, but ‘Sandal Acid‘ will definitely send the dancers on an off-world mission.

‘Gamma!’ is scheduled for release 8 March via Craigie Knowes. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Sandal Acid
2. Gamma!
3. On A Plateau
4. Shake & Hold