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Premiere: Weith – Declin

Geneva’s top exporters of quality rave gear, Brainwaves, line up their first release of the year, a 7-track depth-charge of a release from core crew member Weith with the more than suitable title of ‘DOOMSDAY‘.

Ever pushing boundaries, Brainwaves have established themselves as a regular port of call for seekers of high-octane party fuel. The label’s approach to releases focuses on music made by the members of the collective, rather than fishing far and wide for music from others, and always leaves a strong impression despite picking music from the same pool of artists — an indictment on the talent of the collective as a whole. Each release, tied up with unique work by their resident artist, shines brightly in their discography, and Weith’s latest offering leaves little room for disagreement.

Weith’s sound on ‘DOOMSDAY‘ is a meandering one, taking in everything from full-pelt warehouse rave to slow-mo hardware riffs dipped in acid. ‘Declin‘, lurking in wait towards the end of the EP, has clear influence from techno, but also distils footwork, drum and bass and more into a post-genre dancefloor assault that seems lifted right out of a car chase scene from The Matrix.

It’s somehow a surprise the track is only at 160 BPM — it feels much faster, like a pulse racing on lethal levels of amphetimines and caffeine, thanks to the tight construction of its ravey sonics, delivered with a cold leer. Expect the unexpected, and turn up the volume for this apocalyptic anthem.

‘DOOMSDAY’ is scheduled for release 12 February via Brainwaves. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Neutralise!
2. Warehouse Resistance
3. Cu Panica
4. Ohm
5. Ohm (Hermeth Remix)
6. Declin
7. Liniste