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Mute announce remastered box set of Pole album trilogy – 1 2 3

Stefan Betke’s pioneering minimal dub trilogy – Pole 1 (1998), Pole 2 (1999) and Pole 3 (2000) – are being reissued in the form of a remastered box set by Mute.

Released on vinyl (for the first time in nearly 20 years) and CD (remastered since its 2008 reissue), the box set marks 20 years since the trilogy was completed. The vinyl edition includes a bonus 12″, RAUM, originally released on DIN records in 1998.

Taking his name from a defective analogue Waldorf 4-Pole filter, the broken machine’s distinctive crackles gave Pole the starting point for his equally simple and subtle sound layers. Rhythmic textures and warmly pulsing bass lines join in play and, at least from Pole 2, experience a slow shift towards Minimal Dub.

Betke explains, “A common factor in all the releases was that they all originated in a kind of dub continuum. Melodies have never been my motivation – they were always more peripheral. But across those albums, the reverbs and the bass lines were always related and interlinked with each other. By working that way, I didn’t feel as if I was under any artificial pressure, and I could allow things to end loosely in order to continue my work.”

Scheduled for release 24 April, 1000 units of the box set will be available. Each will consist of 7 x vinyl – POLE 1 – blue vinyl / POLE 2 – red vinyl / POLE 3 – yellow vinyl / Raum 12″ black vinyl. Order a copy from Mute.



1. Modul
2. Fragen
3. Kirschenessen
4. Lachen
5. Berlin
6. Tanzen
7. Fremd
8. Paula
9. Fliegen
10. Modul


1. Fahren
2. Stadt
3. Streit
4. Huckepack
5. Hafen
6. Weit


1. Silberfisch
2. Taxi
3. Karussel
4. Überfahrt
5. Rondell Zwei
6. Klettern
7. Strand
8. Fohlenfurz

Bonus 12″.