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Premiere: Racine – Désordre Baroque

Aïsha Devi’s label and chronicle of otherworldly and truly experimental music Danse Noire are set to releases an album by Montreal-based musician Racine, revealing a shadowy world and a struggle to hope in the blackness of the modern malaise.

Racine’s music instills a sense of deepening discomfort, bordering on dread but always just shy of that plunge into outright terror. This is evident particularly on album highlight ‘Désordre Baroque’, a half-alive ambient wasteland that is somehow both colourful and desolate.

The short introductory sequence takes transmogrified acoustic instruments (guitars, flutes, piano and such) and scratches out an eerie home for haunted things. Clattering syncopations reminiscent of circumstance-controlled instrumentation flutter in unremitting dissonance under a whining dirge, building into an instant crescendo.

Phased voices of echoing ghosts then take control, their deconstructed, un-hearable truths sending plucks of light ricocheting into the greyscale room. You feel an affinity with the message, but you’re unsure why. The dirge, relentless yet calm, soothes and banishes the voices, before all fades into incomprehension.

‘Quelque Chose Tombe’ is scheduled for release via Danse Noire on 21st February. Order a copy on Bandcamp.


1. Quelque Chose Tombe I
2. Quelque Chose Tombe II
3. Sujet
4. Désordre Baroque
5. Nérol
6. Sans Titre (feat. Enchanted Lands & Keru Not Ever)
7. Sujet Perdu
8. Geranium
9. Sans Titre (feat. Keru Not Ever)

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