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Listen back to Inverted Audio on Netil Radio with Free Movements

Our residency on Netil Radio continues, and another month brings us our second guest in the form of Dan Nicholls, one part of the multi-life form entity Free Movements, a visionary new party in London.

In their own words, Free Movements “re-imagines the rave as a multi-artform, collectively-shaped and mind-expanding activity. Featuring instrumental improvised music alongside DJs and live sets, the events aim to explore the energising and unifying power of music.”

In the introductory hour, and between new ambient music from Robin Saville and Gigi Masin, Dan played us a beautiful selection of music recorded live at Free Movements by Macabre Macaber, AKnight and others whilst talking through the ethos of the night and dropping some teasers about what to expect at the next.

Free Movements

Moving through fresh music including ‘Scarlett’ from the new Posh Isolation record and post classical from Midori Hirano, we are then treated to a short but beautiful improvised live set of ambient-soaked music from our guest, capturing the essence of Free Movements’ spontaneity.

The show then takes a whistle-stop tour of some of the best new dance music we’ve been sent lately, from ISOTOOP affiliate Shoal’s forthcoming Harmony Rec release to new music from DJ Rubio.

Edging towards a heavier sound towards the end of the show, there are exclusive previews of Acronym’s next record on his Stilla Ton label and a couple of tracks from Inland’s forthcoming Stream State mix and accompanying full vinyl release.

The show was rounded out by fabulous and exciting new music from Vladislav Delay and His Master’s Voice, who will play the final Inverted Audio night at Zur Klappe in Berlin on Saturday 8 February.

Inverted Audio returns to Netil Radio on Sunday 1 March (16:00 – 18:00 GMT). 


1. Robin Saville — The Deepdale Halophyte Economy (Morr Music)
2. Robin Saville — Bosky (Morr Music)
3. Merkaba Macabre — Untitled (unreleased, live at Cafe Oto)
4. Neville Watson — Photosynesthesia (Don’t Be Afraid)
5. Free Movements residents feat. text by Donna Haraway (unreleased)
6. Gigi Masin — Coraline (Apollo)
7. Midori Hirano — Invisible Island (Sonic Pieces)
8. Loke Rahbek & Frederik Valentin — Scarlett (Posh Isolation)
9. Dave Derose & Dan Nicholls — Improvisation (Unreleased, forthcoming on Agile Experiments)
10. Dan Nicholls — Live Improvisation (Unreleased)
11. Shoal — Kron (Forthcoming Harmony Rec.)
12. AKnight – Improvisation (Live at Free Movements)
13. Acronym — The Sixth Mass Extinction (Forthcoming Stilla Ton)
14. DJ Rubio — Cannonball 2 (Forthcoming Hottest Name on the Market)
15. Jamaica Suk — Drumtaktics (Forthcoming Counterchange)
16. Arbitrage — HON (Forthcoming Counterchange)
17. Matt Karmil — SR/WB (Forthcoming Smalltown Supersound)
18. Blue Hour — Lotus Bells (Forthcoming Blue Hour Music)
19. JASSS — Turbo Olé (Forthcoming Whities)
20. Vladislav Delay — Rasite (Forthcoming Cosmo Rhythmatic)
21. His Master’s Voice — 60km Long Distance Call (Forthcoming KCZMRK)
22. Avsluta — It’s Always Lonely Being Free (Skinned Landscape)