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Khotin lines up fifth album ‘Release Spirit’

Edmonton-based producer Khotin will release with his fifth album next year through Ghostly International.

Suffering from the fatigue of endless lockdowns, Khotin almost gave up making music entirely – “instead, he doubled down on the craft exploring the tone, pacing, and dynamism of new material and releasing himself from the pressure of expectation, fusing and refining everything we know about his music.”

The result is ‘Release Spirit‘, 11 tracks shifting through alternating rhythms and atmospheres, exploring warped synths, breakbeats and piano. For the first time, Khotin collaborates with with Montreal-based musician Tess Roby (Dawn to Dawn) providing spine tingling vocals on ‘Fountain, Growth’. 

“The title of the album borrows from the “release spirit” mechanic in the video game World of Warcraft. When players die, they are prompted to release their spirit and return as ghosts to find their corpses and come back to life. Khotin sees it as a worthy metaphor for the impending change his return home presented and the resulting process of purging artistic expectations to find his creative self again.”

Release Spirit’ is scheduled for release 17 February. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. HV Road
2. Lovely
3. Home World 303
4. 3 pz
5. Computer Break (Late Mix)
6. Fountain, Growth (ft. Tess Roby)
7. Life Mask
8. Unlimited <3
9. Techno Creep
10. My Same Size
11. Sound Gathering Trip