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Loscil & Lawrence English line up ‘Colours Of Air’ on Kranky

Channeling ambient, drone and electro-acoustic vibes, Australian sound artist Lawrence English teams up with Canadian musician Loscil to produce their first collaborative album next year on Kranky.

Consisting of 8 tracks, ‘Colours Of Air‘ is said to be “a collection of recordings of a century old pipe organ housed at the historic Old Museum in Brisbane, Australia, which were then processed, transformed, and elevated into eight majestic electro-acoustic threshold devotionals.”

The duo describe the album as an “iterative project, a reduction and eventual expansion, sifting the swells and drones of the organ for every shivering shade of radiance.” The result is a sublime body of ambient music primed to expand your mind and cast you into a deep state of pious enlightenment.

‘Colours Of Air’ is scheduled for release 3 February 2023 via Kranky. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Cyan
2. Aqua
3. Yellow
4. Grey
5. Black
6. Pink
7. Violet
8. Magenta