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Nicolas Jaar returns to Other People with ‘Nymphs II’

Described as the ‘electronic music renaissance man‘, Nicolas Jaar is one of the most prolific producers of our century. Debuting in 2008 on Wolf + Lamb with ‘The Student‘ EP, Jaar has hit a long series of achievements with his releases on Double Standard Records, Circus Company, Greta Cottage Workshop, plus his old imprint Clown & Sunset and its successor Other People.

Since his last solo ‘Don’t Break My Love‘ EP, Jaar has worked on several other projects as Darkside with Dave Harrington, releasing remixes of Brian Eno and Grizzly Bear on Warp Records and also teaming up with Brian Jackson for the soundtrack of Samantha Casolaris’ movie ‘Eleven Times‘.

Jaar has finally come back with a two track EP, ‘Nymphs II’, on which he has worked since 2011: a marvellous combination of melancholic electronic textures, subtle twisting sounds, mind blowing hooks and the producers ragged voice, confirming once again his musical talent.

‘Nymphs II’ is available from Monday May 11th trough Other People and can bell fully streamed on the imprint’s YouTube channel.


A1. The three sides of Audrey and why she’s all alone now
B1. No one is looking at U (feat. Lorraine)


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