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Om Unit brings dark matter onto the dancefloor for Newtype Rhythms

Innovation is a hard thing to come by nowadays; one is pounced upon tired dancefloor tropes with drum palettes and melodic structures that seemed to have seared the subconscious into submission, finding no room for inspiration to come and wallop a listener towards a desirable result.

Then Om Unit arrives; a Bristolian bass legend that has been evolving for nearly a decade with releases on Apollo, Civil Music, Metalheadz and resets the vibe with his incredible brand of high-speed dancefloor invocations. Obliterating succinct genre specification from his repetoire, his productions have imbued a sense of adventurous, enduring elegance that finagle between the expanse that exists between the broad strokes of footwork and jungle.

This wasn’t done overnight – he’s been hard at work cultivating this sound for some time through various projects, as well as his own Cosmic Bridge imprint, putting out a thoughtful compilation of contemporaries alongside his own sonics – Om Unit Presents: Cosmology – Dark Matter is a unique look into the abyss and what it can give back to one’s self on the dancefloor.

There’s a risk-and-reward within the details; at times dark, demonstrative but also ascendent and astounding with its pace and balance. Between his many releases, LP and his latest works, we wondered what would happen if he would stop by our sister series and provided a mix, and what was delivered by him was nothing short of breathtaking. Take a listen to his brilliant guest mix at around 42 minutes in, with resident Sheepshead starting things up with some speedy jams of his own.


00:00 – 41:56 – Mixed by Sheepshead

1. Logos – Stentorian
2. Cosmin TRG – Brixtonstrasse
3. Vladimir Dubyshkin – Rooygbiv
4. Perc – Leather & Lace (Mumdance & Logos Remix)
5. Special Request – Levitation
6. LSDXOXO – Fentanyl
7. Sully – Solitaire
8. Plaid – Maru (Skee Mask Remix)
9. AQXDM – The Good Old Days Are Tomorrow
10. DJ Hype – The Trooper (Pirates Mix)
11. Forest Drive West – Florina 161
12. Homemade Weapons – Streetcleaner
13. Remarc – Drum & Bass Wise (Remix)

42:18 – END – Mixed by Om Unit

1. Moresounds – The Rules
2. Sorsari – Mainframe
3. Captivate – Shimmer
4. A.Fruit – Deep Insight
5. Hoover1 – Hoover1B
6. Mad Zach – Strangeloop
7. Sonic – Serendipity
8. Om Unit – Runes
9. MP Productions – In My Heart
10. Zero T and Beta 2 – Stacks
11. Om Unit & Djrum – Ruins
12. Quartz – Entanglement
13. J:Kenzo – Dub For Bashenga
14. Vromm – Decentralized
15. Rhythual – Deus
16. Rude Operator – Broken Sky
17. Es.tereo – Ultima’s Breath
18. Om Unit & Synkro – Reflections
19. Om Unit – The Lake (Samba Remix)

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