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Otik inaugurates Solar Body label with ‘Psyops’

Today, London based producer Otik launches Solar Body – a new record label set “to unite ethereal & meditative atmospheres with all sides of the hardcore continuum.”

With previous material released through DEXT, Keysound, Nous Disques and Gobstopper Records, Otik can be filed alongside some of the UK’s finest bass explorers, such as Lurka, Batu and Bruce, harnessing a relentless and adventurous pursuit of the bass domains.

First up on the freshly coined label is a four track extended player from Otik, venting modern bass interpretations of old skool jungle, footwork and intelligent breaks.

‘Psyops’ is scheduled for release 22 June via Solar Body. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Psyops
2. Skylines
3. Presence Ultra
4. Eden Portal