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Levon Vincent goes downtempo on fourth album ‘Silent Cities’

Levon Vincent will release his fourth studio album in June via Novel Sound, side-stepping the dance floor to explore downtempo rhythms.

Produced before COVID-19 took control of Berlin, ‘Silent Cities‘ was conceptualised by Levon Vincent commuting on the train to his studio. The result is an 11 track album, far removed from Vincent’s previous output, contemplatively voyaging through emotive piano rifts, soaring synths and downtempo breaks. Highlights include ‘Everlasting Joy‘, ‘Birds‘, ‘Mother Amazon‘ and ‘Sunset‘.

‘Silent Cities’ is scheduled for release 10 June via Novel Sound. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Everlasting Joy
2. Gattaca
3. Sunrise
4. Birds
5. Wolves
6. Tigers
7. Mother Earth
8. Moonlight
9. Silent Cities
10. Mother Amazon
11. Sunset