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Pan•American readies ‘The Patience Fader’ LP on Kranky

American musician Mark Nelson, vocalist and guitarist for the post-rock band Labradford, will release his next album as Pan•American through Kranky in February.

Spanning 12 tracks, ‘The Patience Fader‘ is the very epitome of Acoustic Americana and is an essential soundtrack for listeners wanting to transport themselves to the vast plains of North America – or those that are attuned to Brent Underwood’s explorations of his abandoned mining town Cerro Gordo, located in the Inyo Mountains near Death Valley National Park, California.

Consisting of “solo guitar instrumentals accented with lap steel, harmonica, and twilit atmospherics, the strings smear and sparkle in elegant, windswept swells.” Highlights include ‘Corniel‘, ‘Memorizing, Memorizing‘ and ‘Grounded‘.

‘The Patience Fader’ is scheduled for release 18 February via Kranky. Order a copy from Bandcamp.  


1. Swimming In A Western Hotel
2. Outskirts, Dreamlit
3. Corniel
4. The North Line
5. Baitshop
6. Harmony Conversion
7. Memorizing, Memorizing
8. Just a Story
9. Nightwater
10. Wooster, Ohio
11. Almost Grown
12. Grounded