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Ben Bondy releases ‘Camo’ cassette on Good Morning Tapes

Following the release of his ‘Glans Intercum‘ LP on West Mineral Ltd, ranked third in our Best Albums of 2021, American abstract and experimental producer Ben Bondy delivers a cassette album for French imprint Good Morning Tapes.

Spanning 7 tracks, ‘Camo‘ delves listeners deep into daydream territories, evoking distant soundscapes constructed with abstract field recordings, deep sonic signatures and ambient pads that ebb in and out of consciousness. Highlights include ‘Omni Field‘, ‘Kanga‘ and ‘I Thought You’d Look Away‘.

‘Camo’ is out now via Good Morning Tapes. Order a copy from Boomkat


1. Pandøer
2. Omni Field
3. Pool
4. Conté
5. Kanga
6. I Thought You’d Look Away
7. Laqtique