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Hallow Ground line up ‘Epiphanies’ compilation featuring Maria W Horn & Lawrence English

Lucerne-based label Hallow Ground reach into their flourishing catalogue of extant artists for ‘Epiphanies‘, a collation of ambient works and structured soundscapes drawn from the likes of lauded sound artist and mastering agent Lawrence English, hand-built instrument maestro FUJI||||||||||TA, and celebrated organist and composer Maria W Horn.

Epiphanies‘ is presented as a novel and conceptual compilation: behind each of the works lies the same challenge to each artist, who were tasked with creating music based on a non-rational approach to sound creation inspired by “the phenomenon of epiphanies through sound’.

Hallow Ground’s longstanding commitment to challenging protocol within music finds itself honoured across each of the 16 tracks, with many artists approaching the brief from an electro-acoustic standpoint. Each track glistens with novel landscapes of sound, as entrancing as they are experimental, and beguiling the listener with false expectations of the source of the music.

The longstanding Hallow Ground artists English, FUJI||||||||||TA and Horn are joined by label head Remo Seeland and others from the catalogue, such as Amosphère, along with welcoming newcomers to the label Magda Drozd, Akira Sileas and Valentina Magaletti.

‘Epiphanies’ is scheduled for release 25 March via Hallow Ground. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Remo Seeland (with Laya Ensemble) – Baldachin
2. A Frei – Peri-Acoustic Feedbacks
3. Maria W Horn – Oinones Death pt. I
4. Amosphère – Withinside
5. FUJI​|​|​|​|​|​|​|​|​|​|​TA – Kumo
6. Lawrence English – Outside The City of God (Augustine wept)
7. Samuel Savenberg – The Endless Present
8. Siavash Amini – Spuming Silver
9. Magda Drozd – Suspended Stream
10. Akira Sileas – Excerpt from Piano Study
11. Laurin Huber – Puolipilvistä (Partly Cloudy)
12. Norman Westberg – For Alice
13. Miki Yui – Alternatio – Alternatio
14. Reinier van Houdt – Dream Tract
15. Valentina Magaletti – The Narrower Frame
16. Martina Lussi – Losing Ground