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Bilna’es art collective announce debut album from Julmud

Bilna’es — the art and music collective run by Muqata’a, Ruanne Abou-Rahme and Basel Abbas — announce their second release, a sprawling 15-track album from Julmud, following from the group’s first musical outing from Dakn.

Hailing from Ramallah in Palestine, Julmud’s music has decorated the local scene for years. ‘Tuqoos‘ displays a vast array of the musician’s many-faceted talent, leaning in influence towards instrumental hip-hop style beats, but built from a constellation of sound sources and unusual patterns, resulting in an album that will immediately resonate with fans of Julmud’s past collaborators Muqata’a and Al Nather.

‘Tuqoos / طُقُوس’ is scheduled for release 30 March via Bilna’es. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Basmala بسملة
2. Kassara كسّارة
3. Haras El Jabal حرس الجبل
4. Marhale A’la مرحلة اعلى
5. Saree’ el thawaban سريع الذوبان
6. Falnukmel فلنكمل
7. Toshkol Asi تشكل آسي
8. Kalma’ كالماء
9. Ishi Hawa’i اشي هوائي
10. Juwway جوّاي
11. Harti حارتي
12. Roh Al Nahrain روح النهرين
13. Mawlana مولانا
14. Taghyeer Thabet تغير ثابت
15. Ur اور