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PAN announce Afrikan Sciences long-length effort ‘Circuitous’

It has just been announced, the next long-length effort from multi-faceted artist and sonic pathfinder Afrikan Sciences will be released via Bill Kouligas’ PAN imprint on December 8th.

Titled ‘Circuitous‘, the album sees Eric Douglas Porter’s intricate structures and transcendental motifs bloom in a riveting 14 track travel across many grooves and moods, deeply rooted in Egyptian sands then blowing by Saturn’s rings in a flash. With every track leaping from instrumental hip-hop patterns to abstract, free jazz experimentations and hardware wanderings, Afrikan Sciences offers with this album a first class ride through the essence of music-making and live sound genesis.

A true cosmic and sonic odyssey compiled in a double plate of utterly mesmerizing material. Under Sun Ra’s auspices, easily one of 2014’s most impressive bodies of work.



01. Two in the Chamber
02. Reddin Off
03. Transient Authority
04. Evolved In Twists
05. Circuitous
06. Kae
07. Feel
08. Swash
09. The Image
10. Group Home Reality
11. Alibi II
12. DBC
13. I’m Asking You KB
14. Tell Me Who Like That (Bedside Manner)

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