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Phillip Sollmann reveals ‘Monophonie’ LP on A-TON

Next up on Osgut Ton’s avant-garde sub-label A-TON is a microtonal album from Philip Sollmann.

‘Monophonie’ is said to be Sollmann’s progressive venture into different utopian strands of music, composed by a unique re-thinking of the sonic research instruments of 19th Century physician Hermann von Helmholtz, the microtonal instruments of Harry Partch and the metal sound sculptures of Harry Bertoia. The end result are innovative soundscapes that explore and create new microtonal rhythms.

The 9-track album weaves together these ideas in a re-working of minimalism that is truly innovative, and decidedly otherworldly to shake the quarantine blues come its release date in May.

‘Monophonie’ is scheduled for release 15 May 2020. Order a copy from Ostgut Ton.


1. Chance
2. Rara
3. Micro
4. Motor
5. Stutter
6. Tape
7. Plain
8. U / O
9. Mono