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Plaid delve deep into sci-fi and AI on 11th album ‘Feorm Falorx’

Revered electronica production duo Plaid mark their return to Warp in November with the release of their eleventh album ‘Feorm Falorx‘.

Spanning 10 tracks, Ed Handley and Andy Turner present a concept album, soundtracking a (made up) performance at Feorm Festival, an intergalactic rave held on the fictional planet Falorx.

“Feorm Falorx imagines what might happen when musicians are removed from time, space, and the physical limits of their bodies. Take the incorporeal hyperfolk of ‘Return to Return’, with the trickling, frenzied particles of atomised harps and guitars played by thousands of fingers, or the digital baroque of ‘Perspex’ with twinkling chrome melodies made of dappled light. It’s all incredibly fitting in the dawning age of AI art, where Plaid merge ever-morphing generative ideas with their human touch.”

Fronted with artwork – perhaps inspired by the alien language portrayed in the sci-fi film ‘Arrival’ (2016) – the artwork and press photos were created using a myriad of AI technology, Image Synthesis and OpenAI’s DALL·E. Expanding on the same theme using AI/AR mechanisms, these will be followed by videos and a graphic novel, building into a whole Falorxian planet.

‘Feorm Falorx’ is scheduled for release 11 November via Warp Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Perspex
2. Modenet
3. Wondergan
4. C.A.
5. Cwtchr
6. Nightcrawler feat. Mason Bee
7. Bowl
8. Return to Return
9. Tomason
10. Wide Is