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Premiere: 19 Gadi Pirms Sakuma – Singapuras Vejs

Incepted last year with a pair of VA comps featuring artists such as Drvg Cvltvre, Bergsonist and BPMF, Mélodies Souterraines is a label that impresses by the maturity of its output, especially given the young age of its captain. After a further convincing second year in the game that saw him gather contributions from the likes of Kim Rapatti aka Mono Junk, Luke Eargoggle, half of the Fallbeil duo Wosto, Salò Mentale and Le Chocolat Noir amongst others, Mélodies Souterraines return with ‘Q/R‘, a seven-track EP that delves deep into dusty crates of long-lost gems from all around the globe.

Our premiere comes courtesy of 19 Gadi Pirms Sakuma, the short-lived band formed in 1988 by multi-instrumentalist Ingunas Cernovas – a member of NSRD (a well known group founded in 1982 by Hardijs Ledins that was operating for the diffusion of musical and video art via strange performances exploring electronic music influenced by New Age and New Wave), accompanied by local musicians such as Uldis Vanags (trumpet, synthetizer), Ugis Serins (saxophone), Daiga Mazversite (synthesizer,Voice) and Zigmund Streik (synthetizer).

Imagine a trancey communion in the middle of a dark forest populated by mysterious beings, where Terry Riley and Klaus Schulze would jam around the bonfire hand in hand with 13th Floor Elevators and The Brian Jonestown Massacre. This is pretty much the feeling you’ll have when hearing the incantatory ‘Singapuras Vejs‘ – a proper kaleidoscopic slab of new age’y psychedelia, opiated ambiences and soul-lifting riffs. An invitation to re-discover this undisclosed treasure from the North-Eastern regions that – we hope – should give way to a reissue of their unique self-titled compilation on vinyl soon enough.

*Please note this track premiere is a (shorter) promo version. The original vinyl version is 6:20 minutes in length.

Q/R is due out shortly via Mélodies Souterraines, order a copy from Bandcamp. Artwork courtesy of Anthony Blokdijk.


1. Chen Yi – Rug
2. Automatenfall – Tanzen
3. The Blizzard Sow – Elastic Rick
4. Beta Evers & Dora Gerl (Severe Sisters) – I Feel Something
5. Neud Photo – Ovid
6. BB & SS – Vier:Vierzig
7. 19 Gadi Pirms Sakuma – Singapuras Vejs

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