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Premiere: 333 Boyz – Poison Mask

Barcelona-based oddball electronics label Anòmia line up the sophomore LP from Berlin-based 333 Boyz.

Yours,‘ follows the vein of tight production and bizarre acoustics their debut effort, ‘El Gigante‘, showcased, merging disparate sounds and styles together in a bizarre and almost archival manner. This practice permeates the entire release, with each track taking sharp turns to evade any anticipated path.

Our premiere, ‘Poison Mask’, kicks off with a floating, eski-style synth jam, weirdly reminiscent of the neon smoke drifting across the album artwork. Building with crisp percussion the track snakes on, eventually writhing free of its own bridge sequence. A twisty, leftfield tune that evokes playful grime diss tracks and crackly old dubstep discs.

Yours,‘ is scheduled for release 8 September via Anòmia. Order a copy on Bandcamp. Limited lathe-cut copies available.


1. Yours,
2. Wanted
3. Poison Mask
4. Labyrinths & Ribbons
5. Globehead Part 1
6. Natural History
7. Globehead Part 2
8. Fashion
9. Grape Zot
10. Fireworks
11. Charm