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Premiere: 543ff – Disarrange

Glasgow-based record label Lunacy mark their debut release with a 17-track cassette compilation – casting a wide shadow on esoteric regions of disillusionment and isolation through clandestine EBM, cold wave and vocal-induced new beat hammers.

As a collaboration with vocalist Serendipity Summers, our premiere ‘Disarrange’ by Amsterdam-based producer 543ff, ascends as much as it delves deeper into an abyss of pummelling techno. Driven by a gurgling bassline and sharp rhythms of resonance, Summers’ frigid vocals guide us through this cavernous maze of mind-bending oblivion.

The track encapsulates much of V/A 101: DIA // ASKR’s breadth of haunting yet invigorating momentum—a gratifying offering for a long-anticipated release from the Glasgow collective.

‘V/A 101: DIA // ASKR’ is scheduled for release on 21 September on Lunacy. Order a copy  from Bandcamp.


1. Will Flisk – Willodd
2. Steppin’ Wolf- Wemayedwa
3. ThizOne & TY – Undir Byrdi Thungri 02:44
4. Bad Penny – Ein Gedicht
5. Ruble Gang – Paralysed Dream 03:53
6. Carlo Onda – Bitte Ziehen Sie Durch
7. Tableraz – Alone
8. Kutkh Jackdaw – Psycho Killer
9. Crossover Network – A Night At The Adonis 05:13
10. Itako – Impenetrable Gathering
11. Gerhard Zucker – No Escape
12. 543ff – Disarrange
13. Bianco Negativo – You Can Get Out
14. Slava Gubarev – ДОБРОВОЛЬНОЕ БЕЗУМИЕ 03:29
15. Ferdinand Cärclash – Confuse Voice
16. Enriketamine – Resucítame
17. Emile Strunz – States of Mind_Those Who Stay (digital only bonus track)